Frictionless Biometric Authentication Platform Across the Enterprise

Integrate multiple biometric types into your physical and digital access control applications.

No Matter the Biometric Type, Application or Device

Enhance User Experience
Create a painless experience for your customers by replacing traditional passwords with biometrics.
Best in Breed Biometrics
We provide access to pre-vetted biometric technologies which have been built into our platform.
Improve Security
Add multi-modal biometrics to establish trust across all your applications.

Anywhere Strong Authentication is Required

Web & Mobile
Replace Passwords
Finally, a password-less login experience to secure your users.
Strong Multi-Factor Authentication
Use biometrics to add an additional layer of security.
Physical Access Security
Only authorized personnel can access critical areas.

Build Biometrics into Your App

A toolkit for developers so you can deploy biometrics for authentication across a variety of applications.

Use our API and SDK to embed biometrics for authentication within your web, iOS or Android applications.